India's Real estate and infrastructure sector has been a catalyst in India's accelerated economic growth, creating a plethora of opportunities in its wake. The Indian Real estate sector is growing at 30 per cent annually It is currently estimated at $14 billion and is slated to touch $102 billion by 2017.According to recent estimates by Goldman Sachs, India will need to spend US$1.7 trillion on infrastructure projects over the next decade to boost economic growth.

In the next five years, government estimates show $330 USD billion dollar investments are required in infrastructure projects, based on the "P-P-P" approach (Public Private Partnership) and other funding methods. Many states are today encouraging private sector participation. However, with the private sector bringing in the capital and the much-needed technical and managerial expertise in formulating and delivering good quality Realty and Infrastructure Projects.

In an ambitious endeavor to taper the upcoming potential of the Indian Realty & Infrastructure sector the Management of the Hirann Trading Enterprises Pvt Ltd has given birth to The Hirann Realty & Infrastructure division. The Hirann Realty & Infrastructure sector will be a focusing primarily in the areas of Transportation, Shipping, Housing & Tourism of the Indian Realty and Infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Projects primary focus is to understand our client’s functional, operational and cultural needs, drawing on our research and experience to create solutions which work. Our multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled individuals provides services in architecture, consulting, interior design, master planning, urban design construction & maintenance. Hirann Infrastructure Projects is a global company planned with a Vision by collaboration, tie ups, technology transfer specializing in the design and planning of facilities across the key Infrastructure sectors.


- Transportation Infrastructure
- Shipping Infrastructure
- Housing Infrastructure
- Tourism Infrastructure